Janet Hamilton

Janet Hamilton (www.janethamilton.com) has painted the graceful northwest landscape (her favorite
subject) for over 30 years and has also painted throughout Europe. She strives to
capture the unique atmosphere of a place and a sense of energy in her strokes. What
excites Janet most as a painter is color, movement and composition. Whether she is
painting fields, clouds, grasses or water, her attention is on the way shadows dance or
the way “a certain slant of light” touches every form in a beautiful way.

Janet’s pastels are done on archival, toned and sanded pastel papers, many of
which she tones and textures herself. She often starts with under-paintings of pastel
pigment and water, on which she layers and blends her colors. Capturing true color and
a sense of atmosphere is her goal – aided by many years of painting the landscape “en
plein air.” In the past few years, she also has been working in oil, acrylic and watercolor.

Janet’s award-winning paintings have been exhibited nationally and collected
internationally. She is represented in galleries from Bellingham to Seattle. Last year
she won First Place in the Schack Art Center Juried Show, as well as receiving the
People’s Choice Award.

Contact her at janethamilton@comcast.net

1706 Skagit Waterway 9x9 1-18