Rexville Grange

Painting by Janet Hamilton

The Grange is a fraternal organization that encourages families and neighbors to promote the economic and social well-being of the farming community and agriculture. Founded after the Civil War in 1867, the Grange is the oldest American agricultural advocacy group.

The Granger movement succeeded in regulating the railroads and grain warehouses after the Civil War to bring forth fair market practices. Other major accomplishments credited to Grange advocacy include the establishment of rural free mail delivery and rural electrification. The organization was unusual at the time because all women, and any teen old enough to hold a plow, were allowed to participate. The importance of women was reinforced by encouraging women to hold any office.

The Rexville Grange is a community hall built by volunteers in 1927. Many community functions and events have been held there. Each grange hall is a subordinate grange. They are part of the County, State and National Granges.

The Rexville Grange is also a Red Cross shelter, ready to be activated in times of need. And the Rexville Grange is home to Shakespeare Northwest’s Skagit River Shakespeare Festival every summer!

Built west of Mount Vernon, above the valley farmland and near the Skagit River, the Rexville Grange hall was designed in the traditional grange style with long built-in benches lining the main hall. The solid maple floor has known many dances, potlucks, weddings, family events and memorial services. In 1946 the membership decided to “raise the roof” by lifting the main hall up onto a new ground floor.

The Rexville is the largest grange hall in Washington State.

The Grange – still here to serve the community.

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