Susan Cohen Thompson


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Susan Cohen Thompson paintings, ceramics and drawings are vibrant, calming and dreamlike. Her work explores the inner luminosity of nature with birds and trees flowing into each other, becoming one. Moonlight is a portal into a world where everything is interconnected. Trees dance with setting suns.

Thompson is showing hand built ceramics and a selection of paintings and prints from her Luminous Nature series. Long standing, her work is deeply inspired by journeys into tropical and temperate rainforests. Her current art pieces focus on cosmic energy mixed with elements of local nature. The cosmos is shown inside the earth, all part of one being.

Born in New York, Thompson earned a BFA in Ohio and later studied visionary painting in Boston.  She has been living in the Northwest on Camano Island since 2003.

She was the featured poster artist for the Camano Island Studio Tour in 2013. Exhibitions in New England included Audubon Nature Sanctuaries and The Academy of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University. Regional exhibitions showing her work include The Lightcatcher Museum, Schack Art Center, Matzke Fine Art Gallery, Smith and Vallee Gallery, and Scott Milo Gallery. She was a featured artist in the Arts Alive 2017 Invitational in La Conner. Her art has been published internationally and appears on the covers of several books on earth wisdom and in nature magazines. Her most recent book cover is from Oxford University Press, India.