Kate Franchimon


Kate has been interested in gourds for about 20 years, but it didn’t turn into a passion until 2004. She works with ink dyes, woodburning, dremel and dental tools, and what ever else is handy. She was an Instructor of gourd art but loves working on them herself even more.

Kate is a director for the Washington State Gourd Society, and can be reached at bamboo_kate@yahoo.com. More of her work can be seen at http://picturetrail.com/bambookate.




3 thoughts on “Kate Franchimon”

  1. Anonymous said:

    Like your work very much….also it was nice talking with you on Sunday at Port Angeles.
    Later, Gene Boggs- member of Pacific Northwest Wood Artisans.

  2. Judy Kennedy said:

    Dear Kate,
    I was fortunate to find your booth at the Crab Festival in Port Angeles this last fall and bought a piece from you. A friend of mine is a senior and wants to attend a Gourd Carving Workshop at the senior center in Marysville in January. Can you give me the info dates and times and the tools that will need to be purchased for her. I will probably attend with her as well. Thank you.

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