Sheila Saxon

Felted Fantasies by Sheila Saxon

Sheila Saxon hand knits and felts one-of-a-kind purses.  Once the purse is complete, she applies her artistic skills of needle felting to create wearable fiber art. “Art – With a Purse Attached”.
Sheila has sold her creations around the world, as well as on-line and in juried art shows.  In addition, she is well known in the Pacific Northwest, but has many admirers around the country.

Sheila loves doing custom purses.  She receives photos of pets via post and e-mail and works with the customer to determine the right style purse and appropriate colors.  Then she does her magic and puts that pet on the purse.  Some customers with multiple pets have found Sheila’s work addicting.

Sheila Says: “I love doing custom purses. It makes me very happy to give a special woman the purse of her dreams, her design, size, colors, and artwork. Look at my Gallery page to see past custom creations”.