Nancy Dean

14-026 Hat Poster Geese Pastaza grey heather sold Snow Goose Fest $165

It is intriguing to take a single strand of yarn and twist it with two sticks to produce a fabric. And it is magical to put the fabric into the washing machine, turn it into felt and shape it into a hat. This is the canvas for illustrating the birds I encounter while hiking and those who visit me at Lake Martha. Using photographs for reference and a special needle that enables me to incorporate tiny pieces of yarn and wool into the hat, I create an image, one strand at a time. When finished, each hat is a unique, wearable piece of art and a reminder of a place I have been and a bird I have seen -Nancy Dean

Contact Nancy at for hat availability or other questions. An album of the hats she has created for this show can be viewed here.

14-015 Hat Audubon's warbler yellow and grey city tweed wool donegal available swbs 14-013 cap bluebird on rust pastaza llama wool sold to Gary Slater $80 for Eco Institute auction 12-073 chickadee periwinkle elann donegal tweed wool sold Gallery 10