Marcy Johnson

Marcy Johnson: Jeweler and handweaver

Art is my career and I am in my Northwest studio every day.  I have always been inspired by the visual simplicity of ethnic art.  During the years after University, I dove into a full time fiber-arts career. Over the years and after extensive travel, I have expanded my interests, media and techniques.

My scarves are hand-woven using rayon bouclé and chenille in colors that complement the fashion colors of the Northwest.  In my current jewelry, I individually cut each metal element and hand-pound them for texture.  The patina and embellishment of the pieces allow them to be unique.

I have always found great energy from connecting with and exploring different cultures. I am excited about sharing these inspirational experiences through teaching and creating individual works of art. These pieces can be currently found in many regional galleries.  I feel I have come full circle and enjoy the seemingly endless stimulation I have developed for myself.