Josey Wise

josey wise_natures call_14x11_oil

Josey is a primarily self-taught artist and loves to incorporate the beauty and color of nature into her artwork. Josey’s medium of choice is oil and she tends to use a bright palette as well as expressive strokes, sometimes on the edge of abstract. Wise’s preferred subject is landscape but she also paints animals and still life with a contemporary approach.

Josey’s goal as a painter is to capture a quick moment in time or gesture of nature with as simple as brush stroke as possible, playing with the contrasts of light and shadow and always with a focus on color. She uses her respect for the beauty of nature as a starting point and hopes to represent that beauty in a way that is pleasant and inspiring to the viewer.

Josey moved to the Pacific Northwest from Western Montana when she was 18 and has loved the area ever since! She and her husband Marc own and operate WiseDesignz Framing & Gallery in Historic Downtown Everett and participate strongly in the Everett Art Walk.  In 2011 Josey joined the City of Everett’s Cultural Arts Commission, and in 2013 became a member of the Women Painters of Washington group.

In 2010 Wise was the first City of Everett’s Young Artists in the Community Award Recipient and in 2012 she was honored to receive the Art Advocate of the Year from the Schack Art Center. Josey has received other acknowledgments for her art and community involvement as well.

Wise is proud to live, work and create in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two children, Sid and Saylor.