Dan Tuttle

Dan Tuttle was born and grew up in Western Washington. Before recently moving to Mount Vernon, he had lived in Eastern Washington for more than 35 years. He says he has been obsessed with the visual arts since the age of 3. “My parents provided inexhaustible materials and encouragement,” he says. “I painted my first oil (of Mount Rainier) on a scrap of masonite with the ravaged remnants of a paint-by-number kit. I never had doubts as to my intended profession.”

Until 1975 his media of choice were blockprint and watercolor, and his subject matter urban decay and abstraction. From 1976 through 1990, his attention turned to serigraphy and freelance graphic work. He began to do large work in oil and pastel around 1990, taking the imagery from the forests and mountains of North Central Washington, the stark land forms of the Columbia Basin and the landscapes and antiquities of Ireland and Scotland. Most recently he has worked with multi-run blockprints and painting in acrylics.

Find more art and information at www.dantuttleart.com.

Tuttle Liberty Bell
5. anjou orchard
cattle point ptg cropped